Another round of fuel price hikes starting August 30, Diesel up PHP 6.10, Gas up PHP 1.40

Heads up fellow two-wheeled motorists, you may want to fill up on gasoline or diesel today.

The fuel price trend has gone on reversal after weeks of rollbacks. Last week, we started to see increases in Gasoline (+PHP 0.70) and Diesel (+PHP 2.60). This week's round of price hikes sees more significant changes as initially projected over the weekend.

Starting tomorrow, however, diesel, gasoline, and kerosene prices will go up even further much to the dismay of motorists and public transportation.

Diesel-fed vehicles will bear the brunt as the price of diesel fuel will go up by PHP 6.10 per liter. Those using kerosene will also be hit with a PHP 6.10 per liter increase starting tomorrow. Gasoline engine users will be slapped with a PHP 1.40 price hike.

The first companies to announce price adjustments are Pilipinas Shell and Cleanfuel. Beginning at 6:00, tomorrow, Shell will adjust prices in all of its fuel products. Meanwhile, Cleanfuel will increase pump prices at 8:01, tomorrow. Other oil players have yet to release advisories but expect them to announce similar price adjustments due to the huge price hike.

In case you plan on filling up later, expect long lines at the pumps as the day goes by. With that, we highly suggest you gas up early in order to avoid experiencing long lines at your nearest gas station.