Ducati app uses AR tech to create virtual Monster

When you buy a new bike, there’s no greater feeling than simply staring at it when it first arrives home. You’ve certainly seen it in a showroom a few times, but few feelings can compare to seeing it in its own parking space at your home.

Ducati hopes to simulate that feeling and get you excited to own a Monster with its new Monster Experience AR on its website.

AR stands for augmented reality and Ducati is tapping this technology to let you put a Monster in your own garage. It's the same tech used by mobile apps like Pokemon Go, Jurassic World, and Harry Potter games.

Park a (Ducati) Monster in your garage virtually image

Activating the feature is simple. Just visit the site from your smartphone or tablet. Select your preferred version of the Monster. You have to allow the app to take photos and use some features for the AR to work.

Once in came mode, point to a space where you want to see the motorcycle virtually. The app will let you insert the bike into the space and as close to scale as possible.

Park a (Ducati) Monster in your garage virtually image

The realistic 3D image allows you to appreciate the new Monster in a new environment, far different from the usual showroom and display areas.

You can walk around the bike, and even look closer into some of the details. You can view the vehicle inside your garage, parked on the side of your favorite road or in any other place they want.

In addition, the technology allows you to change the size or rotate the Monster as desired and take a picture or video to share it with friends.

Park a (Ducati) Monster in your garage virtually image

This certainly lets you test how the Monster looks in your garage or even beside your other bikes as part of a growing collection.

It’s certainly a fun new spin on bike shopping and hope Ducati tries this with their other models, particularly the large Multistrada.