A law banning motorcycle use with small children on board is set to be implemented this Friday, May 19, 2017. RA 10666, also known as Children's Safety on Motorcycles Act, will be enforced two years after it was signed by then President Benigno Aquino III.

This is in line with the road safety campaign of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) in observance of this year's UN Global Road Safety Week. Also implemented is the Anti-Distracted Driving Act, which outlaws the use of mobile devices while operating a motorcycle.

Under this law, it stated that it is illegal to operate a motorcycle with a child on board while traveling on public roads. It will be enforced nationwide and it's scope reaches beyond national highway, provincial roads, municipal roads and barangay streets. The act also states that carrying children on board motorcycles is not allowed on roads where there is heavy volume of vehicles, roads with a high density of fast moving traffic or roads with speed limits beyond 60 km/h. The child is also not allowed to sit in front of the rider.

However, the provisions of the law does allow some children to ride on board motorcycles. The first provision allows the child to be a passenger on a motorcycle if they can reach around the waist of the rider. Children are also allowed on motorcycles if their feet can 'comfortably' reach the foot pegs. Should the child be able to do the pro, he or she must wear a helmet with gear being an option. The DOTr added that the foot pegs should not be modified to accommodate children and doing so will result in a penalty. The law does not apply if the child needs immediate medical attention.

When RA 10666 is fully implemented by Friday, the LTO will be deputizing officers of the PNP, MMDA and LGUs. As for penalties, violators will be fined Php 3,000 for the first offense. A Php 5,000 fine will be given to the rider for the second offense. The third offense nets a Php 10,000 fine along with a one month driver's license suspension. If apprehended for the fourth time, the rider's license will be automatically revoked. Should injury or death result from the violation of the Act, the rider faces an imprisonment term of one year.