Quezon City follows Manila

Last month, news about Quezon City following Manila’s No Contact Apprehension Program (NCAP) made the rounds on social media. Now, it has begun. QC’s very own NCAP was just launched, led by its mayor, Joy Belmonte.

“Road safety is our priority in Quezon City and with the launch of NCAP, we commit to putting the safety of our constituents first and ensure also the safety of motorists passing through the city by strictly enforcing local traffic rules and regulations at all times,” said Belmonte.

She added that, the program also aims to instill traffic discipline among all motorists in the city, whether for those passing through or QC’s very own residents. “Bawal na ang mga pasaway na driver sa Quezon City. Hindi natin habol sa programa na ito na kumita ang city government. Kapag walang natiketan, mas mabuti ito para sa lahat dahil ibig sabihin, disiplinado ang lahat ng motorista. (Unruly drivers are no longer welcome in Quezon City. We are not after generating revenues for the city. If there are no traffic violators being ticketed, that’s ok for everyone because it means that all motorists are disciplined.)” Belmonte added.

30-day dry run

Like the City of Manila, Quezon City will also utilize CCTVs across key areas to monitor traffic violators. If caught by the city’s cameras, a Notice of Violation (NOV) will be sent to the registered address on the vehicle’s registration. Fines range from PHP 2,000 to PHP 5,000, depending on the traffic violation committed by the motorist.

For now, QC will implement a 30-day dry run to inform the public of the new program and to make sure that all systems are working 100%.

Areas with NCAP

As of this writing, the areas reportedly monitored by NCAP will be the following:

Kamias – Kalayaan

13th Ave – P Tuazon

Tomas Morato – E Rodriguez

East Ave – BIR Road

15th Ave – P Tuazon

Gilmore – E Rodriguez

Quirino Highway – Susano Road (Nova Bayan)

Quirino Highway – Zabarte Road

Quirino Highway – Tandang Sora (Sangandaan)

Aurora – Gilmore

Aurora – Broadway

Aurora – 20th Street

Aurora – Hemady

E. Rodriguez – Hemady

West Avenue – Baler

Additionally, the NCAP aims to reduce person-to-person contact when a traffic enforcer flags down an erring motorist, especially now that we are still in the middle of the pandemic. The best part of it is that programs like NCAP greatly reduce the chance of areglo (traffic enforcers taking bribes) from happening on the street level.