No more unauthorized police escorts says PNP

The issue of wang-wang or the unauthorized use of sirens and blinkers of some private individuals, wether big bikers, small bikers or cars/SUVs has been a hot topic recently. Baguio City, for example, has issued a memo to its local police force to apprehend those who are not authorized to use such as outlined in Presidential Decree 96.

On the other hand, some influential politicians employ the police to act as their VIP escorts who ride on patrol motorcycles to clear the traffic for them. However, many of these are unauthorized by the PNP.

New PNP Chief to recall unauthorized 'hawi boys' image

New PNP Chief, General Dionard Carlos, who was also a former PNP-HPG commander, has said that they will recall all unauthorized police escorts or hawi boys from politicians.

“If there’s no authority behind the deployment, we will recall them because we have no such kind of authorized deployment,” said Gen. Carlos. The new top cop has also cited the Alunan Doctrine, which the President himself invoked many times in the past, that limits the number of armed bodyguards of a politician.  

“We will make sure that those who have been given police security escorts or detail have the authority – meaning the police are authorized to be deployed as such,” added Carlos.

The PNP will review if the current deployment of such police escorts is authorized or not. After the review, police escort deployments will only be based on the Commission on Elections directive.

Would this mean less or even ZERO VIPs/politicians breaking traffic laws because they no longer have police escorts on their convoy? Let us know what you think.