Biazon instructs enforcers to strictly enforce no counterflow in Muntinlupa

Fed up with the rampant counterflowing of motorists along Muntinlupa’s narrow national road, Mayor Ruffy Biazon has instructed city traffic enforcers to have NO MERCY against violators and issue tickets accordingly.

“Wala kasi akong pasensya sa mahilig mag counterflow. Huli kung huli. Wag na kayo makiusap. Wag na kayo magpaliwanag. Wag na kayo tumawad sa multa. Sa mga enforcers natin, ang kautusan: NO MERCY. Kahit sino pa yan,” said Biazon.

(I don’t have the patience for those who frequently counterflow. Apprehend them. No more leniency and no more excuses. Don’t even bother negotiating for a lower fine. To [the city] traffic enforcers: no mercy. Apprehend whoever it is.)

Biazon further added that the double solid yellow lines should be more than enough to tell motorists that counterflowing is not allowed since it is basic knowledge, especially to those who legitimately acquired their driver’s license from the LTO. 

Solid yellow lines

This marking is easy to see for a reason. Riders should be extra careful when these are around. Solid yellow lines indicate where passing is strictly prohibited, not even if it looks clear or there are no oncoming vehicles. You’ll see these lines on either side of a white dashed line. The no overtaking / changing lane rule applies to the lane the yellow line is closest to.

Double yellow lines mean NO ONE can overtake. Single yellow lines in the middle of the road mean the same thing.

These are not a suggestion. They’re the law. Motorcycles are not exempted. They were put there by road engineers who have taken into account the road's curve, camber, and elevation, as well as the driver or rider's line of sight to determine if it is safe to pass.

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