MMDA issues stern warning to stay out of EDSA bus lane

The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) issued a stern warning to motorists and motorcycle riders to stay out of the EDSA Bus Carousel Lane after a fatal hit-and-run incident happened at the EDSA Shaw Boulevard tunnel-southbound on Wednesday morning.

MMDA: rider victim on EDSA bus lane, wants NCAP reimposed image

MMDA Acting Chairman Atty. Don Artes said the agency’s Metrobase was able to capture the incident where a motorcycle rider was hit by a white sports utility vehicle (SUV) and ran over by a tanker while traversing along the EDSA Shaw Boulevard tunnel past 5 AM.

“It is with profound sadness that this incident happened. We express our deepest condolences to the family of the rider. We pray for their comfort in this difficult time," said Artes, during a press briefing in the MMDA Head Office in Pasig City.

Based on the MMDA monitoring, the rider and the SUV driver were both traversing the EDSA Bus Carousel lane when the incident happened. The tanker was driving beside the bus lane.

Thus, Artes reiterated that the EDSA Bus Carousel Lane remains exclusive for passenger buses, ambulances, and marked government vehicles responding to emergencies.

“We keep on reminding motorists not to use the innermost lane of EDSA as it may result in an accident, but despite our repeated calls and pleas, many drivers of privately-owned vehicles and motorcycle riders disregard the policy,” said Artes.

Artes cited that there was also an increase in accidents in the last quarter of last year, coinciding with the imposition of the Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) on the MMDA’s No Contact Apprehension Policy.

MMDA: rider victim on EDSA bus lane, wants NCAP reimposed image

The monitored traffic violations since the suspension of NCAP have also increased. In May of this year alone, 32,739 traffic violations were recorded. These traffic violations cause road accidents and slow down vehicular traffic, Artes added.

“We find it difficult to enforce the exclusivity of the said lane without the certainty of a CCTV-assisted apprehension, thereby exposing our motorcycle riders to a greater risk,” said Artes.

Artes said the agency will also coordinate with the Office of the Solicitor General to show the agency’s data and to possibly file a motion for the Supreme Court (SC) to consider lifting the TRO imposed upon the agency’s NCAP.  The SC issued on August 30, 2022 a TRO against MMDA’s NCAP.

Artes said the MMDA will also forward the CCTV footage and other evidence that might help the Philippine National Police (PNP) in the conduct of the investigation. He also appealed to other motorists who witnessed the incident to come out, cooperate with the authorities and bring justice to the victim.

He also urged the still unidentified SUV driver to voluntarily surrender to the police.