New Karoo 4 from Metzeler aimed at adventure and maxi enduro bikes

The successor of the award-winning Karoo 3, the new Karoo 4 represents the latest generation of the Metzeler product family: a knobbly tire intended for the equipment of adventure and maxi enduro motorcycles, designed for on/off use. 

The new Karoo 4 enhances even the most cutting-edge, latest medium and large displacement enduro motorcycles that travel both on asphalt and off-road, working in tune with the most advanced rider aid systems. Karoo 4 is a highly versatile product that gives, compared to its predecessor Karoo 3, a significant improvement in off-road and on-road wet performance, even when fully loaded.

Who is Karoo 4 designed for?

According to Metzeler, the new Karoo 4 is for owners of adventure motorcycles, riders who use their motorcycles for journeys 50% on-road 50% off-road, looking for experiences without limits. They seek reliability and performance in different weather conditions, stability even at full load and mileage. 

Metzeler unleashes new Karoo 4 dual-sport tires image

The Karoo 4 is also for motorcyclists who want to test their skills and their bike’s capabilities, they value off-road performance in a tire. Also, owners of ‘scrambler’ style machines, who require an aggressive knobbly look without sacrificing on-road performance, with particular reference to handling and safety in the wet.

The tread pattern 

Karoo 4 features a revolutionary patented tread design, which raises the tire’s all-around performance levels on both asphalt and on different types of off-road terrain. 

As for the on-road performance, Metzeler engineers worked to improve in particular the overall handling and wet behavior, developing a knobbly pattern that allows you to safely tackle certain lean angles even in wet conditions. In the off-road field, Karoo 4 increases the performance level, especially on very soft surfaces, such as sand, mud and clay. 

Metzeler unleashes new Karoo 4 dual-sport tires image

The Karoo 4 tread pattern features these main characteristics: 

- Patented design DETRATEC™, composed of central spoon-shaped knobs, which are separated from the side knobs by a wavy longitudinal groove. The combination of these three elements has a dual function: at first, it traps the terrain between the knobs to generate lateral thrust, and secondly, it releases it thanks to self-cleaning properties. 

- Multi-pitch design. The groups of knobs are repeated with an irregular cadence to mitigate the impact of the tread against the asphalt and improve rolling smoothness; 

- Optimised footprint area that includes a greater number of knobs in the contact patch, compared to Karoo 3, to improve road handling and integration with electronic rider aids; 

- Patented DYMATEC™ technology, a design methodology that preserves the functional geometries of the knobs and the tire performance over time. In detail, this technology features variable groove wall angles depending on their position along the tread band to maximize tread pattern solidity and wear uniformity.

According to Metzeler, the new Karoo 4 should be available at their authorized dealers worldwide, with the following sizes to choose from:


19”       100/90-19 TL 57Q M+S​

19”       110/80 R 19 TL 59Q M+S​

19”       120/70 R 19 TL 60Q M+S​

21”​       90/90-21 TL 54Q M+S​


17”       130/80 R 17 TL 65Q M+S​

17”       140/80 R 17 TL 69Q M+S​

17”       150/70 R 17 TL 69Q M+S​

17”       170/60 R 17 TL 72Q M+S​

18”       140/80 - 18 TL 70Q M+S​

18”       150/70 R 18 TL 70Q M+S​