Download Yamaha YZF-R1M face mask instructions

The face mask has become a daily necessity these days. You can’t leave the house without one.

There are many facemasks for sale, featuring our favorite motorcycle brands. Yet this one in particular will show off not just your love of Yamaha motorcycles, but you talents as well.

Make your own Yamaha R1M face mask image

Behold, the Yamaha YZF-R1M needle felt face mask. It’s made of wool and shaped like the front fairing of the R1M race bike.

Make your own Yamaha R1M face mask image

Be warned that this may not be as effective as an N95 mask. You may have to wear a mask underneath it to be truly protected. Still, it’s on of the more unique face mask designs we’ve seen out there.

You can’t buy this. Rather, Yamaha is encouraging you to make your own. Yamaha has uploaded the pattern for the mask, as well as instructions on how to make it. You’ll find them here, along with videos explaining what needle felting is, the tools you’ll need, and how to get started.

Make your own Yamaha R1M face mask image

Bear in mind that needle felting is not easy. You might want to practice on something else first. Still, it’s a project worth trying. You might also want to look at Yamaha’s other official needle felt and crochet projects here. The patterns and instructions are free to download.