LTO looking for driver in road rage incident

During the final week of December of 2020, a viral video circulated on social media of what appears to be a road rage incident. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is not happy about it.

“We’ll issue a show cause order,” said LTO NCR West director, Atty. Clarence Guinto. Atty. Guinto was also the former director for the agency’s Law Enforcement Service.

In the viral video posted by a rider traversing Lanuza Avenue in Pasig City, a car driver appears to swerve to cut off a motorcycle rider behind him. The driver then got out of his car to berate the motorcycle rider with expletives.

We'd like to remind our readers that this video may not show the whole story of this incident and it's possible there was an earlier altercation that triggered this confrontation.

Nonetheless, “Road rage has no place when driving on the road, and at all times,” says the LTO.

Show Cause Order

The Show Cause Order, which the LTO may issue upon the driver, requires the individual to explain his reasons for behaving in such a way in the video.

Depending on the severity of the violation, the LTO chief, under Section 27 of Republic Act 4136, has the authority to suspend and the exclusive power to revoke any driver’s license issued if he has reason to believe that the holder is an improper person to operate motor vehicles, or in operating or using a motor vehicle in, or as an accessory to, the commission of any crime or act which endangers the public.

The failure on the part of the car driver to appear and submit his Sworn Explanation/Comment will be construed as a waiver of his right to be heard in the proceeding. He will, however, be informed of the result of the evaluation of his case.