Motovlogger caught speeding on NLEX in BMW F700 GS, records own apprehension

In this time and age of social media, vlogging (video blogging) is becoming a popular mode of expression particularly among those into motorcycles. These vlogs cover various topics from finding great places to eat, places to ride to, or just having fun on a bike. Pretty much just about any motorcycle related topic you can think of, you can find a Vlog about it.

Unfortunately, there are some vloggers who use riding at high speed as way to attract more fans or subscribers to their page or channel... and possibly get compensation once they breach the 100,000 mark. Basically, they record videos of their top speed runs on the tollways like NLEx, SCTEx, TPLEx, and Star Tollway to see what speed they can get their bikes up to. Those with big bikes do this on expressways and are even cheered on by their subscribers and fans, some of whom do not have the big-displacement motorcycles to enter the tollways and want to know what it's like.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has had enough of this rising trend and these dangerous antics. Just yesterday, the Metro Pacific Tollways (MPTC) Highway Patrol officers (deputized by the LTO) apprehended one such motovlogger they called Mr. Okomato, who is behind the Norris John Vlog.

Okomato was flagged down for overspeeding, with MPTC officers clocking him at 153 km/h where the speed limit is just 100 km/h in A BMW F700 GS on NLEX southbound.

Okomato's license was confiscated and he was issued a temporary operator’s permit (T.O.P). From there, officers will determine if this is his first offense or one of many and determine which fine and punishment to implement for him to be able to reclaim his license.

The penalty for speeding is PhP 2,000 for the first offense; PhP 3,000 for the second offense plus suspension of driver's license for at least 3 months; PhP 10,000 for the third offense plus suspension of driver's license for at least 6 months; and revocation of license for the fourth offense with 2 year disqualification from getting a new license.


As expected, he also recorded it and uploaded it to his Facebook page. That video was then used by the LTO-NCR on their own post to serve as a stern warning to others who think they can get away with it.

The LTO was also alarmed that this was not the first time for Norris John Vlog. Okomato’s vlogs frequently show him riding his motorcycle way beyond the speed limit. The LTO does not tolerate such behavior on the street regardless of personality. Everyone who holds a driver’s license is required to follow rules and regulations.

The LTO also reminds everyone that having a driver’s license is not a right but rather a privilege. The office has the mandate to revoke a license if they deem the owner to be abusive or violate traffic laws.

Do you think this will put a stop to top speed run vlogs?