Fee cap set by LTO for driving schools offering TDC and PDC

Getting a driver’s license (DL) these days is relatively hard and not cheap. This is after the Land Transportation Office (LTO) streamlined the process of acquiring a DL in accordance with Republic Act 10930 which aims to make sure that only those who have undergone theoretical (TDC) and practical driving courses (PDC) will be eligible to drive.

While the LTO offers free TDC and PDC, the branches that offer these courses are few and are often fully booked.

It is for this reason that many would-be drivers and riders enroll at LTO-accredited driving schools which charge hefty fees for TDC and PDC certification.

LTO sets PHP3.5k combined fee for TDC, PDC for riders image

LTO chief, Atty. Jayart Tugade has signed a new memorandum setting the fee cap for the TDC and PDC. Memorandum Circular No. JMT-2023-2390, which will take effect on April 15, 2023, prescribes a maximum fee of PHP 1,000.00 for a TDC offered at a private driving school.

For motorcycle riders who will need to get restriction codes A and A1, the maximum fee for PDC is set at PHP 2,500.00. That means, if you’re a new motorcycle rider getting his DL, you’ll need to shell out an additional PHP 3,500.00 to get certification on both the TDC and PDC.

If you want to drive a private vehicle, you’ll need to get restriction codes B, B1 and B2, and private driving schools can only charge up to PHP 4,000.00 for PDC. For those who will need restriction code C (carrier of goods), D (bus), BE and CE (articulated vehicles), driving schools can only charge you up to PHP 8,000.00 for PDC.

“These new guidelines went through a thorough study by our Technical Working Group (TWG) and have also gone through consultations with various stakeholders,” says Tugade.

PHP 50,000 will be the penalty for private driving schools who will be violating Memorandum Circular No. JMT-2023-2390.