Unregistered e-bikes are being impounded, often found with unlicensed drivers

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has announced its policy on e-bikes, and is now impounding unregistered Light Electric Vehicles (LEV). The agency is also discovering that electric or electronic bikes (e-bikes) are often used by unlicensed drivers, as the local sales of such vehicles are increasing with attractive lower prices.

Owners of Light Electric Vehicles (LEV) can register their e-bikes at the following LTO branches: Diliman District Office, Quezon City District Office, Pasay District Office, and Caloocan District Office. In accordance to Administrative Order AO-2006-01, here are the steps to register…

1. Complete the following requirements.

- Commercial Invoice or Certificate of Registration from the country of origin
- BOC Certificate of Payment
- Certificate of Stock Reported (CSR)
- Sales Invoice of MV with sales evaluation from the regional office
- PNP-HPG MV Clearance Certification
- Duly accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR) issued by the MVIS accredited by the LTO
- Appropriate insurance certificate of cover
- Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)

2. Proceed to the transaction counters and submit all the required documents to the Evaluator for evaluation and computation of fees.

3. Undergo actual inspection of motor vehicles with duly accomplished MVIR. The form can be downloaded from the LTO website, and accomplished prior to your visit to the LTO.