Landslides have blocked Marilaque Highway

Planning on going up to Marilaque this weekend? You might have to cancel those plans.

For those who are planning on going beyond Jariel’s Peak, you may be in for some off-roading as continued downpours in the area have led to landslides that have blocked the road.

Heads up: landslides in Marilaque image

According to the local civil defense office, landslides were reported on the roads past Jariel’s Peak. This is the part of the highway heading down to Infanta, Quezon.

Heads up: landslides in Marilaque image

As of this writing, there is no news yet from the local government of Infanta if the debris has already been cleared or not. As such, we recommend riders to exercise caution when in the area. You may be directed to turn around.


For those who are not familiar, the Manila-Rizal-Laguna-Quezon Highway (MaRiLaQue Highway), is a 117.5-kilometer road that connects Metro Manila to Infanta, in Quezon.

It is a famous riding destination for motorcycle riders not only because of its winding roads, but also because of its scenic surroundings. Unfortunately, due to its popularity, the local government unit of Tanay almost closed the area to riders due to the increasing number of motorcycle-related accidents in the area.