Kidd Code offers race-ready bikes and equipment to quickly get into the sport

Fans of both dirt bikes and circuit bikes can quickly get into racing with this showroom's lineup of race-ready bikes.

Located at the heart of Quezon City, the new Kidd Code Racing showroom is their flagship shop, located at Mount Samat corner Scout Albano. It features race-ready motorcycles from TM Racing and Ohvale, brands all originating from Italy.

TM Racing

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TM Racing was established in 1977 by two childhood friends, Claudio Flenghi and Francesco Battistelli, who shared a common love for motorcycles and racing decided to create an off-road motorcycle brand of their own. In 1977, Flenghi ("Mr. Engine") and Battistelli ("Mr. Frame") left their previous jobs and combined their talents to create the first TM motorcycle in the town of Pesaro on the Adriatic coast of Italy. They chose the name TM by using the first letter of each of their son's first names (Thomas and Mirko).

TM Racing motorcycles are often touted as the “Ferrari of dirtbikes," not only because of their high-performance engines, but also because of the company’s preference for top-shelf components. An example of this is the TM Racing SMR 450 Fi Supermoto that we reviewed earlier this year.


You can now buy a race ready motorcycle in this showroom image

Ohvale “mini moto” motorcycles were born out of the idea of Italian, Valerio Da Lio, an industry expert with over thirty years of experience in the motorcycle world. The idea was to build a proper race bike or practice bike, offering the same handling and feel of a real race bike on track, but at a fraction of the cost.

These mini moto motorcycles are compact enough to be brought to any circuit or go-kart track, which are generally open all year round. This avoids long and expensive trips to full-sized tracks that may be further out of town. As such, it's conducive to day trips where competitors can just arrange half-day track sessions. The cost of track rental, maintenance, and tires are also much lower compared to a normal race bike.

Designed for practicing, these bikes were built to take some punishment. They're fitted with Teflon pads on the handlebar and footpeg ends to slide more easily and reduce damage to the more critical parts of the bike in the event of a crash.

You can now buy a race ready motorcycle in this showroom image

Besides these two flagship brands, Kidd Code Racing also offers performance parts and apparel in the form of 6D Helmets, Bitubo racing suspension, Termignoni exhaust systems, Mobius safety gear and many more.