Kawasaki files patent for upcoming tourer

During the 2022 edition of EICMA, Kawasaki showcased its hybrid motorcycle prototypes. Then after about a year of testing, the company presented what seems to be the world’s first mass-produced hybrid motorcycle model: the Z 7 Hybrid.

Just recently, a patent for a new Kawasaki hybrid motorcycle was leaked, and, from the looks of it, the bike seems to be based on the existing Versys 650.

Like the existing non-hybrid middleweight Kawasakis, the hybrid version of the Versys 650 seems to be sharing the same platform with its Z 7 brother and is speculated that it will be equipped with the same 451 cc parallel-twin engine that is coupled with a 9 kW electric motor.

The patent also shows what seems to be a cooling system similar to that of the Z 7 Hybrid, as well as the trellis frame.

1000-kilometer range?

Is this a hybrid Versys 650? image

Hybrid cars typically return a better fuel economy than gasoline or diesel-only vehicles when driven in the same distance, especially in the city. This is because hybrid vehicles can switch between their internal combustion engine and electric motors while being driven.

This could also mean that a hybrid vehicle’s 50-liter fuel tank can return more mileage than a regular non-hybrid vehicle.

Using the same logic, this new Versys hybrid from Kawasaki may theoretically double the mileage of a non-hybrid Versys, which is currently more than 400 kilometers in one top-up. That means, if this Versys hybrid will be greenlit for production, it may be boasting a travel range of close to 900 to 1000 kilometers in just one top-up.