Getting the young and woke riding

It seems that all roads lead to electric motorcycles for the future of 2-wheel steeds as more and more manufacturers turn their fossil fuel-burning machines into battery-powered motorcycles or e-Bikes. Husqvarna is the latest to join this growing trend with its new EE 5 – a minicycle with an electric engine.

Husqvarna launches its first-ever E-bike image

It's powered by an electric motor with 5 kW (6.8 PS / 6.7 hp) peak performance. It was designed to compete with any 50cc petrol-powered (internal combustion engine) motorcycle. It's hooked up to a 907 Wh lithium-ion battery. Built-in quick charging allows the battery to recharge in a manufacturer-claimed 1-hour, 10-minutes (to full capacity). Once charged, it has 2 hours of battery life for beginners and 25 minutes of battery life for more advanced riders.

Husqvarna launches its first-ever E-bike image

This difference is due to the bike's built-in riding modes. It features up to 6 different ride modes that are easy to select.

The EE 5 offers youngsters an environmentally-friendly way to learn, compete and have fun. The EE 5's seat height is also completely adjustable to suit the growing child's changing height.

Husqvarna launches its first-ever E-bike imageThe EE 5 also features the latest suspension technology and is fitted with 35 mm WP XACT air front forks that offer 205 mm of travel. They're paired with a fully-adjustable WP rear shock that ensures exceptional damping characteristics. Husqvarna launches its first-ever E-bike image

A high-strength Chromoly frame, hydraulically operated brakes, lightweight wheels, tapered NEKEN handlebars and striking graphics complete the EE 5's look.

Husqvarna launches its first-ever E-bike image

The new Husqvarna EE 5 will be available worldwide starting July 2019 onwards.