Bill can hold parking operators liable for loss or damage

One of the worst experiences for a rider is having his motorcycle stolen. It's bad enough if it happens in an open areas, but if inside a paid parking lot, operators often point to a waiver that they cannot be held responsible.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of horror stories like this, and more often than not, the motorcycle rider – who is still not finished paying for his motorcycle’s loan, will have to continue paying even if the motorcycle has been stolen.

This could all end if House Bill (HB) 7725 is approved into law.

HB 7725 or the Parking Operations and Fees Regulations Act, will make parking establishments accountable for any damage or loss while a vehicle or motorcycle is parked in their paid parking lot.

While HB 7725 primarily focuses on setting standards on parking fees that customers pay, it also makes it unlawful for a paid parking facility to deny any liability in the event of loss or damage to a vehicle while in their care.

While they may not be automatically liable, the bill does say that they will be if they do not comply with the standards set by the proposed law, like having adequate and working CCTVs and roving security personnel.

Additionally, HB 7725 says that these paid parking facilities must be able to provide CCTV footage when called upon. Failure on their part would mean that they are obstructing justice.

HB 7725 has already been approved on the third and final reading at the House of Representatives.