HB 8419 requires just one plate for bikes

The house committee on transportation has recently recommended for approval a bill requiring larger license plates for motorcycles. The recent move hopes to harmonize the multiple bills filed in the past requiring larger license plates.

The new bill the solons are recommending, HB 8419, requires just one license plate to be mounted on the back of the motorcycles. The larger plate must display alphanumeric characters which can be readable from at least 12 meters distance.

It also seeks to penalize both the motorcycle rider and passenger (if any) that have used a motorcycle in the commission of a crime.

This bill is the much-needed counterpart to Senate Bill No. 1397, approved last July, which seeks to require two larger plates to be mounted on motorcycles, which are also color coded according to the region they are registered in.

Should this house bill be approved, the next step will be a bicameral between the house and senate to produce a final version of the bill to be forwarded to the President to sign.

This latest development is hoped to fast track the approval and start of production of the long-delayed new motorcycle plates. The final design of the new motorcycle plates has already been approved.