Honda updates the TMX for 2021

The Honda TMX has been a part of Filipino lives since it was first produced in 1976. There’s always a TMX motorcycle nearby, whether serving as a “pantra” (workhorse motorcycle) or personal transport plying our streets. This is still the motorcycle of choice for many couriers, delivery services, and even casual riders mainly due to its reliability and ease of maintenance.

While we were growing up, the TMX was also likely one of the motorcycles that took most of us on our last mile journey, from the main road to our homes.

Now, Honda has updated the TMX 125 Alpha, with an improved sprocket combination and a new matte color to continue serving Filipinos.

Now available in a premium Matte Armored Silver Metallic color, Honda hopes that the TMX will also appeal to the younger generation of motorcycle riders who might also use the TMX as a canvass for their first custom bike.

As for the new sprocket combination, Honda says that the new 15-tooth front and 38-tooth rear sprockets will further improve the TMX’ fuel economy, as well as improve the bike’s cruising and top speed.

The TMX engine: a legend on its own

Honda TMX now with... new color, sprocket combination imageTMX 125 Alpha in Candy Ruby Red


Perhaps, what makes the TMX so popular and has kept it in production since the 70s is its engine. This pushrod overhead valve (OHV) has remained largely unchanged since its inception and is very easy (and affordable) to maintain, with lots of OEM and aftermarket parts available.

This engine, with a claimed fuel economy of 62.5 kilometers per liter at 45 kilometers per hour, is also often duplicated by many Chinese-made motorcycles largely due to its simplicity and affordability.


Honda TMX now with... new color, sprocket combination imageTMX 125 Aplha in Black


Besides the new Matte Armored Silver Metallic color, the TMX 125 Alpha will still be available in Candy Ruby Red and Black. The SRP is kept at PhP51,400.00 to maintain its appeal to new riders and it is available at all Honda dealerships along with its Honda genuine spare parts.