Honda Motor Co., Ltd. launched a website to showcase and promote its motorcycle DCT (Dual Clutch Transmission) technology. Visitors can head here to learn more about the system.

Honda’s DCT-equipped motorcycles offer both manual and automatic modes, allowing riders to choose between shifting via the foot pedal or buttons on the handlebar. Like automotive dual clutch transmissions, Honda's DCT can rev-match to a lower or higher gear, unburdening the rider from clutch and gear-changing operations.

The new website illustrates Honda’s how the system works through user-friendly content such as music, video, commentaries, and DCT model introductions.

Honda's DCT was first offered on the VFR1200F in 2010, followed by the Crosstourer dual sport and the Africa Twin. Honda's DCT is now offered in nine motorcycle models, ranging from Sport bikes, to Street to Maxi-scooters.