Activa 125 BSVI uses eSP and PGM-FI

Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd. unveiled the the Activa 125 BSVI. It is the first motorcycle to comply with India’s stringent Bharat Stage VI emissions regulations, which is equivalent to Euro 6 emissions standards.

The Philippines is currently enforcing Euro III emissions standards for motorcycles.

Euro 6 emissions standards limit carbon monoxide (CO) produced to just 1 gram per kilometer travelled. To comply, motorcycles will have to fit an evaporative emission control unit, which should lower the amount of fuel that is evaporated when it is parked.

The all new Activa 125 BSVI was developed with as much as 26 new patent applications. At the heart of Activa 125 is the trusted 125cc PGM-FI HET (Honda Eco Technology) engine boosted by Honda Enhanced Smart Power (eSP).

Enhanced Smart Power optimizes energy output by maximizing efficient combustion and minimizing friction with a silent start and smooth, eco-friendly engine.

It is composed of Honda’s ACG Starter which starts the engine, jolt free, via the same AC generator used to generate electricity and charge the battery while riding. This eliminates the need for a conventional starter motor, thus there are no gear meshing noises.

Honda India launches first Euro 6 compliant motorcycle image

Two new mechanical features lead to engine start without applying much force; the first being efficient utilization of decompression with slightly opened exhaust values (at the beginning of compression stroke) followed by the Swing Back feature which rotates the engine in a slightly opposite direction which allows the piston to get a ‘running start’, making it easier to start the engine with a small amount of power.

The Honda ACG starter also provides comfortable and frequent operation of the Idling Stop System. Present on Philippine models like the Click and PCX, the Idling Stop System makes it debut in India with the Activa 125. The Idling Stop System automatically switches the engine off at traffic light and other brief stops, eliminating unnecessary fuel consumption and resulting in less emissions. The Engine can easily be re-started with simple twist of the throttle.

Honda India launches first Euro 6 compliant motorcycle image

Programmed Fuel Injection(PGM-FI) provides the right amount of fuel in the cylinder based on specific engine data. Direct fuel injection into the combustion chamber through a nozzle generates more refined power delivery and better response to a cold start.

The combustion chamber itself also features improvised tumble flow within a compact space. An integrated die-casting process creates a chamber that produces tumble flow by optimizing the inlet port shape and using reverse flow phenomenon, without adding additional components leading to combustion improvisation.

Finally, the offset cylinder and lightweight, compact crankshaft and piston reduce overall engine friction and weight impact.

The Activa 125 includes many features in its digital analogue meter, just like our Click and PCX models,  like real time range, real time fuel consumption, and average. It also has an ECO Indicator, Service Due Indicator with an On-Board Diagnostic feature for the Malfunction light, which alerts the rider in case of serious malfunctions.

The Activa 125 BSVI comes with a full LED headlamp and restyled signature LED position lamps. Premium chrome finish on the front and side panels are complemented by embossed 3D Activa 125 logos.

Its full metal body comes with a chiseled tail lamp and grab rail. It is also fitted with a Combi-Brake System (CBS) with Equalizer and 3-step adjustable rear suspension.

Honda India will offer the all-new Activa 125 BSVI towards the end of 2nd quarter of 2019-20.

“Today, I am glad with all new Activa 125 BS VI, we bring our global benchmarks to India,” said Noriaki Abe, Managing officer & Chief Officer, Motorcycle Operations, Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

“Honda’s global vision is to lead advancement of mobility & enable people to improve their daily lives worldwide. As the forerunners of innovation & technology, we are yet again ready to lead the next revolution powered by superior technology,” Minoru Kato, President & CEO, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India Pvt. Ltd.