Honda’s CT125 rumored to be upgraded in 2022

It’s been 2 years since Honda first teased us with images of their CT125 Hunter Cub dual-sport underbone. Now, this 125 cc motorcycle is going to be upgraded to a liquid-cooled 150 cc. That is, if the rumors are true.

Just recently, the Japanese motorcycle magazine, Young Machine, revealed the cover of their June 2021 print issue. On the cover was a rendered CT Hunter Cub bearing the “150” badge on its right.

Is Honda upgrading the CT125 to a liquid-cooled 150cc? image

While Honda never really confirmed nor denied the rumors, upgrading the Hunter Cub from 125 cc to 150 cc sounds quite feasible. After all, with ever-tightening emissions controls all over the world, a clean engine with a bigger bore could be the easiest solution to keep the strong power output even with all the required emissions restrictions installed.

As for the 150 cc engine, Honda can just choose from its inventory of available engines. And, since the Hunter Cub is already being sold in Japan, Thailand and Indonesia, the easy choice for Honda is to pick the engine being shared now by the CB150R, Supra GTR 150 and the CBR150R.  

Sadly, the only thing that’s impeding the importation of the Hunter Cub here in the country is its pretty hefty price tag, closer to Honda's leisure bikes than underbones. But who knows? Maybe someday, Honda PH will bring such a nice cub to the Philippines.