Harley-Davidson quietly removes Bronx from future models

Harley-Davidson’s planned streetfighter, the Bronx, may not be launched any time soon. The future bike has recently been removed from Harley-Davidson’s “Future Models” list on its global website.

The move is part of the company’s Rewire strategy, which is a plan to revitalize the corporation with a leaner staff and lineup, as well as a more cautious approach to future models. The company has been facing financial difficulties lately with the combined effects of slumping sales and the current pandemic. In response, its board has appointed a new CEO who promptly cut short the aggressive expansion plan set forth by his predecessor.

Harley-Davidson shelves Bronx streetfighter image

The Bronx was a planned naked streetfighter, due to be launched in 2021. It would have been powered by a 975 cc Revolution Max V-twin which claims to make 116.6 PS and 95 Nm of torque. The Bronx was one of three new, non-cruiser models planned to share platforms and engines and expand Harley’s presence in other segments. Of those three, it appears the Pan America adventure bike is the only one that will be produced and sold.

“Harley-Davidson’s immediate new product focus in 2021 will be on the launch of Pan America, our first Adventure Touring motorcycle. To ensure an outstanding launch for Pan America, we will not be launching the Bronx streetfighter motorcycle next year,” the company said in a statement to several motorcycle news outlets.

While Harley has not explicitly confirmed that the Bronx has been cancelled completely, it’s not likely to be launched any time soon. No doubt, its fate will be tied to the reception of the Pan America.