Charging problem an isolated incident

Almost two weeks ago, published a story a halt of Harley-Davidson (HD) LiveWire production. Deliveries were halted as well due to what appeared to be a charging problem.

Via, production, as well as deliveries of the said electric motorcycle have resumed after the Milwaukee-based motorcycle manufacturer found what the problem was. Through an e-mail, Harley-Davidson has announced that:

“After completing rigorous analysis this week, we have resumed LiveWire production and deliveries.”

HD added that customers who had already purchased the LiveWire motorcycle may now continue to ride and charge their motorcycles through all methods – including through regular electric outlets from home.

HD explained that “temporarily stopping LiveWire production allowed us to confirm that the non-standard condition identified on one motorcycle was a singular occurrence.”

The LiveWire electric motorcycle was first unveiled as a concept motorcycle back in 2014. In November last year, Harley-Davidson announced the production of these e-bikes and deliveries began last month. The project was Harley-Davidson's attempt to appeal to the new and younger generation of motorcycle riders who are also keen on "greener" modes of transportation.