Harley-Davidson developing a CVO version of Pan America 1250

In the world of Harley-Davidson motorcycles, a motorcycle with a “CVO” badge on it means it has the highest spec in terms of equipment installed straight from the factory.

Just recently, a CVO version of America’s only production adventure bike, the Pan America 1250, is reportedly being developed by Harley-Davidson after the California Air Resources Board (CARB) revealed a name filing from the boys at Milwaukee.

Harley-Davidson CVO Pan America in development image

According to Harley-Davidson, Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) is the pinnacle of “factory custom.” These bikes also possess the best in class in terms of performance, one-of-a-kind paint options and premiere parts & accessories.

Generally, Harley-Davidson CVO models feature bigger engines than the standard version, but this seems to be not the case with the upcoming CVO Pan America 1250. Based on the CARB filings, the CVO Pan America 1250 will still feature a standard 1,252 cc Revolution Max engine so performance is expected to be similar with the “regular version.”

With all the blings straight from the factory – could be audio system, luggage and other accessories – the CVO Pan America 1250 appears to be heavier, tipping the scales at 278 kilos vs the 258 kilos of the Pan America 1250.

As mentioned above, CVO models also come with custom paint jobs, so it is very unlikely that CVO Pan America 1250s will ever be used for adventure/off-road riding – if Harley-Davidson greenlights production of these models.