Gen-San inventor builds a monocycle, inspired by MIB 3

If you've seen the Hollywood movie, Men in Black 3, you should be familiar with the monocycles the protagonists used in the story. These special motorcycles use just one wheel, with the passenger sitting inside it.

It's a unique style of motorcycle and has never really been mass-produced because of its complexity. Nonetheless, that didn't stop a General Santos City-based mechanic from building and testing his own.

Ronie Georfo uploaded a video of a rider testing one on Facebook. Here, he shows the creation, made of a mix of standard motorcycle parts and some fabricated ones. As the video shows, it works in a similar fashion to the ones seen in the movie. As of this writing, we're still trying to reach the uploader to learn more about the monocycle and its creator.

From what we can see, the engine seems to be salvaged from an old Rusi motorcycle, while the chassis is obviously custom-made entirely. Naturally, no tire company makes a tire this big. It seems to be sewn together from a couple of old underbone tires.

Sure enough, when all work resumes and spare parts become available again, we might be seeing this Gen San monocycle more refined in the days to come.