2-km traffic build up

It's the All Saint's Day long holiday weekend again. Naturally, one of the traditions of our fellow Filipinos is to visit their departed loved ones back in their respective provinces. Since it also happens to be a long weekend, a lot of our city dwellers also seize the opportunity to unwind in the beautiful places far from Metro Manila.

If you're one of the many who are traveling south to the Bicol region, please also bring with you a lot of patience as it was reported that road reblocking and repairs, as well as unruly drivers who are counterflowing caused a massive traffic jam that already stretched beyond two kilometers.

From various social media posts, including those from our friends, have confirmed that the following towns are now experiencing heavy traffic build-ups:

Lopez, Quezon

According to the travelers who are currently stuck in the build-up, a kilometer long part of the highway which is being rehabilitated has already caused a 2-kilometer line of vehicles. Some impatient drivers, however, had the bright idea of counterflowing on the other lane, further aggravating the problem.

Expect heavy traffic when going to Bicol image

Ragay, Camarines Sur

There are several road reblocking sections along the stretch of the Andaya (H68) Highway in the town of Ragay. Some of the sections have already caused a traffic build-up.

Sipocot, Camarines Sur

Sipocot is the town where the Andaya Highway (H68) and the Pan-Philippine Highway (AH26) meet, heading towards the Bicol region. Years of neglect and abuse have turned this part of the highway into one of the worst in the country. To say that its potholes are comparable to the moon craters could be an understatement. The DPWH has started repairing this section, however, this is now causing a massive traffic build-up. The authorities have used the stop and go scheme to ease movement but this means only one lane is in use.

To avoid all these bottlenecks, one alternative route was suggested through social media by one of the concerned citizens. Instead of traversing the Andaya Highway from Calauag, go straight to Pan-Philippine Highway going to Daet. After the Bicol Natural Park, take a left going to the town of Cabusao before reaching Sipocot. After reaching Cabusao, take the road going back to Libmanan and back to the Pan-Philippine Highway again to Naga. The Google Maps link can be found here.*

*This detour is for light vehicles only.