Frontliners get e-scooters for their commute from Electric Kick Scooters Philippines

Electric Kick Scooters Philippines (EKSPH), has lent out electric kick scooters to select Philippine General Hospital (PGH) employees to help them with their commute during the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) imposed on the entire Luzon.

Malaking tulong ito sa mobility ng aming mga empleyado (This would be a big help with our employee's mobility),” says PGH Spokesperson Jonas Del Rosario as he shared some of the challenges they face as frontliners during this ECQ in terms of commuting to and from work. “As you know, ang pagpunta sa ospital ay mahirap dahil nagkaroon ng shutdown ang ating transportation (As you know, getting to the hospital [work] is getting difficult because of the [mass] transportation shutdown).”

e-Scooter community lends their rides to frontliners imageEmployees of the Philippine General Hospital testing their "new" rides

This initiative was inspired by a similar call for action program by LifeCycle PH. But instead of bicycles, they will be lending electric kick scooters to some of our frontliners which started with a pilot program in Pasig City. 

“The lend a scooter project is inspired by our friends from LifeCycle PH. They started their campaign two weeks ago, it moved us to launch a similar campaign using scooters,” said Tim Vargas, Electric Kick Scooter Philippines (EKSPH) co-founder.

To date, EKSPH has lent out a total of 6 electric kick scooters to select employees of PGH. Vargas has also added that more will come, and they are targeting to lend up to 20 scooters by the end of the month.

To put it in perspective, just imagine yourself, as a motorcycle enthusiast, lending your motorcycle to the frontliners so that they could use it for their commute. That's basically how the program works. EKSPH was founded in November 2016 by Erwin Buencamino and Tim Vargas. EKSPH is the biggest and leading community of Electric Kick Scooters in the Philippines with over 13,500 members nationwide.

Would you lend your motorcycle to select frontliners if a similar program is called by your motorcycle club?