Ducati updates the Streetfighter V2 with new color scheme

Ducati expands the Streetfighter V2 range with the introduction of the new Storm Green color scheme which will be available in dealerships starting next month.

The metallic green chosen by the Centro Stile Ducati enhances the clean, sharp, and essential lines of the Streetfighter V2, reinforcing the unique character of the bike and its innate ability to attract attention. The matte finish is perfectly combined with the chromatic context of the mechanical parts, while the metallic grain creates a very evident play of contrasts on the different surfaces.

Ducati Streetfighter V2 now comes in green image

The Streetfighter V2 is aimed at those riders who are looking for a bike capable of combining the sporting DNA of the Panigale V2 with the riding attitude and style of the Streetfighter. An intuitive and easy-to-handle model, with the right power to guarantee adrenaline-pumping performance and maximum riding fun, combined with a high-level electronic package that allows to enjoy the bike in safety.

The Streetfighter V2 is essential and characterized by a truly sharp design, which embraces the classic stylistic elements of the Streetfighter V4, starting with the distinctive headlight, which recalls the V-shaped DRL typical of Ducati sports bikes and is inspired by the famous grin of the Joker.

Ergonomics has major rider-centric features and is focused on on-road use with the added values of sportiness and comfort. The high and wide aluminum handlebars replace the handlebar risers of the Panigale V2. The saddle now is wider and has new padding that contributes to making this bike even more comfortable. In addition, the footpegs have been repositioned to increase the amount of room. All these improvements allow the biker great control in sporty riding and facilitate everyday use at the same time.

Ducati Streetfighter V2 now comes in green image

At the heart of the Streetfighter V2 is a 955cc, Euro 5-compliant Superquadro engine capable of delivering a maximum power of 155 PS at 10,750 rpm and a maximum torque of 101.4 Nm at 9,000 rpm. This engine is very elastic and proves to be not only usable and enjoyable on the road but also effective and excellent on the racetrack, where it can be easily managed.

Compared to the Panigale V2 which has 43 rear sprocket teeth, the Streetfighter V2 has a bigger rear sprocket with 45 teeth, which guarantees greater torque to the wheel at road speeds while giving better engine responsiveness when re-opening the throttle.

While developing this new model, Ducati engineers focused their attention on the chassis set-up. As a matter of fact, the Superquadro engine is used as a bearing element connecting the compact front structure, consisting of a monocoque frame in die-cast aluminum fixed to the engine head. The single-sided swingarm, which is also connected to the engine, is 16 mm longer compared to that of the Panigale V2, contributing to ensuring the stability of the whole bike.

To this platform are added the 43 mm Showa BPF front fork and the Sachs shock absorber, featuring dedicated calibration to make the bike more comfortable on the road as well as easily adjustable for a whole new dimension of fun on the racetrack.

Ducati Streetfighter V2 now comes in green image

The Streetfighter V2 is equipped with 5-spoke wheels and the new Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tires; 120/70 ZR17 at the front and 180/60 ZR17 at the rear, which provide a rapid response to the rider’s needs together with an extra cornering feeling. Except for the adoption of brake pads characterized by a less aggressive bite, more suitable for road use, the whole braking system is faithfully taken from the Panigale V2 and features Brembo M4.32 monobloc radial calipers with 320 mm diameter discs.

The complete and modern electronic equipment that equips the Streetfighter V2 is inherited from the Panigale V2. The six-axis IMU inertial platform supervises all the electronic controls of the bike and measures its position in space in real-time, sending the information to the control units that manage the controls. The electronic package includes ABS Cornering (present on all bikes in the Ducati range and in this case in the EVO version), Ducati Traction Control (DTC) EVO 2, Ducati Wheelie Control (DWC) EVO, Ducati Quick Shift up / down (DQS) EVO 2, Engine Brake Control (EBC) EVO.

Ducati Streetfighter V2 now comes in green image

The Streetfighter V2 features three Riding Modes (Sport, Road, Wet) with dedicated control settings. The electronic equipment can be enhanced by the accessories contained in the Ducati Performance catalog, such as the Ducati Multimedia System which allows a smartphone to be connected, or the Ducati Data Analyser (DDA + GPS) for the collection and subsequent analysis of riding data.

The bike is also equipped with full-LED headlights with front DRL and a 4.3"color TFT dashboard with an intuitive interface that recalls the family feeling of the Streetfighter V4. The Streetfighter V2 in the new Storm Green color scheme with black rims and red tags joins the sporty version in Ducati Red.