100K Scrambler Ducatis have colored the world since 2015

Over the years, the Scrambler Ducati has been one of the Italian brand’s best-selling motorcycles. And, this year, Ducati is celebrating the 100,000th Scrambler milestone all over the world.

This important milestone was also reached precisely in the year in which the 60th anniversary of the birth of the first historic model is celebrated.

Ducati relaunched the Scrambler project in 2015, taking all the ingredients of the original 1960s bike and giving life to a new world, called the Land of Joy, where values, experiences, and ideals can be shared. A universe in which the real stars are not motorcycles and performance but people and their passions. Since the year of its arrival, Scrambler Ducati has represented a true benchmark, a new trend, and a new interpretation of the motorcycle world.

Historically made at the request of the Berliner brothers, Ducati importers for the United States in the 1960s, who wanted a model that suited the tastes of American motorcyclists, the first Scrambler Ducati went into production in 1962 and ended in 1975. The bike immediately achieved great success due also to its technical characteristics but mainly thanks to a style and attitude capable of embodying the nonconformist and rebellious spirit of those years.

Ducati has proposed many different interpretations starting from 2015, including the first Scrambler Ducati Icon in Urban Enduro, Full Throttle, Street Classic, and Classic versions, to which the Mach 2.0, the Italia Independent limited edition, the Flat Track PRO, the Café Racer, the Desert Sled, the Sixty2, and the Icon Dark were then added. Completing the Land of Joy family are the latest and more contemporary 1100 Tribute PRO, Urban Motard, and Nightshift, which represent a real concentration of appeal and style.

In recent months, enthusiasts who have visited the Ducati Museum have been able to relive the history of the brand and its motorcycles through the temporary exhibition “Scrambler 60th”, open until the end of September. The themed area tells the history of the Land of Joy and its worlds: design, lifestyle, customization, exploration, and self-expression. Visitors have also been able to leave their mark on the wall dedicated to the subject of self-expression, immediately recognizable because it is filled with colored post-it notes that collect the thoughts, ideas, and emotions of anyone who has seen the exhibition.