Isabela representative wants driver’s education as one of subjects in HS

Whether we drive/ride a motorized vehicle or just a simple commuter, we all share the same road daily. We use the same road to go to work, to go to the mall, or even if it’s just a quick stroll to a friend’s house. In other words, all of us share the same road and must know the basic rules of the road.

Isabela 5th District representative, Cong. Faustino Dy III has filed House Bill (HB) 697 or the Driver Education Act and hopes to make basic driver education part of the high school curriculum.

Basic driver education in HS

Driver’s ed as highschool subject proposed in congress image

In a nutshell, if HB 697 becomes law, high school students from both private and public schools will be taught basic driver education which will include but is not limited to, traffic rules, road markings, safe driving, and proper road etiquette, and what to do during road emergencies.

Under Section 5, the Department of Education (DepEd) and the Land Transportation Office (LTO) will be tasked to work together in developing the student curricula that will be used in schools.

You can read HB 697’s full text here.

LTO Road Safety Interactive Center

The LTO, just recently, has given us the privilege of seeing their newest and interactive facility located inside the agency compound in Quezon City: the Road Safety Interactive Center.

The Road Safety Interactive Center was built to promote road safety and help children, as well as the public, with the use of technology, understand basic traffic rules and the dangers that may happen if these rules are not followed.