Infographic from last year

Over the weekend, Malacañang approved the IATF’s recommendation to place Metro Manila under ECQ again, due to the rise of the Delta variant cases. The new quarantine restriction begins August 6 and will be in place until August 20.

With this upcoming new restriction, naturally, people movement will be restricted too. However, an old infographic from the Department of Transportation (DOTr) is being circulated in social media and group chats. The infographic claims that the impending lockdown will forbid the use of motorcycles, as well as various Personal Mobility Devices (PMDs). Remember that these vehicle are allowed on the tri-city bicycle lane network that the government spent PhP 1.09-billion of taxpayer’s money to finish.

The DOTr clarifies that the infographic is already outdated and should not be followed.

“That photo is already outdated, that was from last year,” said DOTr assistant secretary, Goddes Hope Libiran.

DOTr warns against sharing outdated infographic image

A new infographic photo from the DOTr shows that motorcycles and PMDs are allowed during ECQ for APORs


“Based on the latest Omnibus Guidelines from the IATF, Public Transport will be allowed during ECQ. Capacity shall be determined by DOTr. Per Sec. Tugade, the recommendation of DOTr is to retain the current supply and capacity of public transportation. Restrictions will be applied on passengers -- i.e., stricter enforcement to ensure that only APORs are permitted to use public transport, as mandated by the IATF. But, should the IATF decides otherwise, we will abide,” added Libiran.

The DOTr also stressed that active transport (including motorcycles) is highly encouraged as long as they are Authorized Persons Outside of Residence (APORs).

Motorcycle-only checkpoints

Over the past few days, riders turned to social media to express their frustration over a perceived unequal treatment by the authorities. According to them, there were checkpoints on boundaries and city limits, yet, the authorities manning them were only monitoring riders. This led to long queues at these boundaries.

Though we cannot take away these checkpoints, we have suggested a few tips to get through these checkpoints more easily. Be courteous and always have your documents ready. These also apply to your backride. You'll find these and more tips here.