Motorcycle rights group decries Doble Plaka implementation amid quarantine period

The recent release of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) for the Doble Plaka Law came as a bit of a surprise for motorcycle groups, especially since it happened during lockdown.

These groups have tried many times to air riders concerns regarding this law and how the new requirements will be difficult for many to comply with.

“This is a heartless move,” said Jobert Bolaños, chairman of the Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO). The group called the move to release the IRR of the Doble Plaka Law inhumane, especially since the entire nation is currently suffering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and the restrictions to travel it has imposed. The group remarked that the author of the law, Senator Richard Gordon, has no remorse in his bid to make the common rider suffer.

“We will take this as an indicator that he doesn't mean us well nor does he care about our wellbeing. We are riders. Not criminals,” the group added in a statement.

MRO has called Doble Plaka a discriminatory law. It only singles out motorcycle riders, the group noted.

“To say that he is for the protection of the people while he sacrifices those who ride motorcycles is hypocrisy at its finest. Not only does this law break the bill of rights, but it also breaks the constitution as it fails to protect us [motorcycle riders] from subjectivity, abuse, and most of all, it failed to protect us from discrimination.”

Republic Act 11235 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Law – called the Doble Plaka Law by motorcycle riders – was signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte on March 8, 2019. Under the law, all types of motorcycles, big or small, are required to have bigger number plates in the front and back. The law sets fines of up to PhP100,000 and imprisonment for violators.