A new 450cc Dakar-inspired bike is here to take KTM

If there’s a good thing that the pandemic brought to the world, besides the fact that working from home is actually good for the economy, is that a lot of motorcycle riders came to appreciate off-road riding since during those times one can’t really ride anywhere besides the mountains due to travel restrictions.

In fact, off-road riding has become so popular, off-road motorcycles and the riding gear related to this sport have been selling like pancakes and some customers would even need to be put on a waiting list since stocks have been sold out.

Well, the Chinese have also noticed this and are now ready to face off with giants like KTM for a piece of market share.

Excelle – the sister company of Chinese motorcycle maker Colove, has recently unveiled a 450cc Dakar Race-inspired motorcycle that won’t burn a hole in your pocket: the ZF450LS “Rally”.

450 Rally

Excelle’s 450 Rally may be far from the actual race bikes that competitors ride in the grueling Dakar Race, but the bike packs a potent 54 PS DOHC, liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that also produces about 44 Nm of torque.

China’s Excelle unleashes its 450cc Dakar bike, SRP: PHP360K image

What’s great about this “rally” bike is that it only weighs as much as a Honda CRF 250L, tipping the scales at about 155 kilograms. Additionally, the ZF450LS features a 49mm KYB fork with lots of travel and rally-spec 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels.

Tall bike

As with any real dirt bike, the ZF450LS is a tall bike, with the low-seat option having 909mm seat height, while the standard having a 958mm seat height, with 259mm (10.2 inches) and 310mm (12.2 inches) ground clearance, respectively.

China’s Excelle unleashes its 450cc Dakar bike, SRP: PHP360K image

Additionally, the ZF450LS also boasts a 15-liter fuel tank, with an optional 16-liter under-seat fuel tank to extend the range to more than 500 kilometers in one top-up.

More affordable

With the ZF450LS’ looks alone, buyers will be more than willing to shell out cash, especially if it is sold at a very competitive price. Versus KTM’s limited edition 2021 450 Rally which is sold at approximately PHP 2 million a unit, Excelle’s version is retailed for only USD 6,100 – or just roughly PHP 360,000. For sure, Pinoys would love to have this 450 “rally replica” inside their garage.