MMDA EDSA boss, Bong Nebrija launches #isumbongMoKayBong

EDSA boss, Col. Edison “Bong” Nebrija, has encouraged the public to directly report to him any Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) personnel who are engaged in corruption. The EDSA boss plans to personally deal with this reports.

“If there's an enforcer that wants to be bribed or insinuates that he or she is open for negotiation for bribery especially along EDSA, PM is the key,” said Nebrija in his recent social media post.

The post seemed to have stemmed from numerous reports that had reached his office about certain MMDA personnel who, despite the agency’s untiring efforts to rid itself of corrupt traffic enforcers, are taking bribes from traffic violators in exchange for letting them go.

“Help me out and our agency get rid of them and do not, please, I say again, please do not give a single centavo. Especially those who tell you that there will be exorbitant fines plus seminar involved to force you to just resort to bribery,” added Nebrija in Filipino.

The proper way, added the EDSA boss, is to get the ticket and have it contested at their traffic adjudication office IF you feel that you were wrongfully charged with a traffic violation.

“Please be honest and do not twist the story against enforcers who are only doing their jobs. You can also send me a message regarding good works or helpful enforcers.”

He noted, however, to only report LEGITIMATE cases of enterprising traffic enforcers. Do not twist evetns or make up stories against honest traffic enforcers.

To encourage honest officers, you can also send him commendations or compliments for those who are doing their jobs honestly.