What will happen if you strip off a BMW R 1250 GS? You’ll get a BMW R 1250 R Roadster. Well, technically, there are some hardware differences but isn’t it nice to have a naked bike that has the same 1,254cc boxer engine as the GS?

2023 R 1250 R Roadster

The like the GS, the R 1250 R Roadster is powered by a boxer twin 1,254cc engine with BMW’s ShiftCam technology that generates 138 Ps of power and 143 Nm of torque. Thanks to this ShiftCam technology, varying valve timing and valve lift on the intake side ensure delivery of beefy power across the entire speed range, extremely smooth and quiet running, and outstanding fuel consumption and emission values.

BMW debuts 2023 boxer naked bike image

As a new feature of the R 1250 R Roadster for MY2023, the new ECO riding mode comes standard. In ECO mode, the rider is encouraged to ride as fuel-efficiently as possible with a soft throttle curve and moderate engine torque limitation. Also in ECO mode, the TFT color display provides an efficiency display in the upper-status line.

As for the TFT screen, it features a new “Sport” core screen as standard. Other new features for MY2023 include a USB-A socket for electronic gadgets, LED headlamp with adaptive turning light, and optional wire wheels to bring a classic look to this modern naked bike.


The 2023 R 1250 R Roadster will be available in two variants: Sport and Triple Black. In Sport variant, the bike will be painted in racing blue metallic, white frame, complete with gold front and rear brake calipers, black sports handlebar and rear spoiler (no pillion seat).

BMW debuts 2023 boxer naked bike image

For the Triple Black variant, the body will be painted in black storm metallic with a gray frame, complete with gold front and rear brake calipers, stainless steel radiator grille, stainless steel engine spoiler, and “Pure” tank trim.

Philippine availability and pricing are yet to be announced by BMW Motorrad PH.