Bicycles now primary mode of transportation for thousands of daily commuters

Since the initial lockdown set by the government in March and public transportation severly limited, many daily commuters have been left with no choice but to ride bicycles to and from work. Now, with the Greater Metro Manila back on Modified Enhanced Community Quarantine (MECQ), public transport is again banned, save for a few that are exclusively for medical frontliners.

With the current situation, the public is again left without a choice but to commute daily by riding their bicycles, rain or shine, no matter how far.

In his recent post, EDSA boss, Edison “Bong” Nebrija, has shared that despite the bad weather, many commuters have turned to bicycles as their primary mode of transport – which was supposedly just an “alternative mode of transport”.

“Heavy rains won’t stop them. What was supposed to be just an alternative mode of transport has become the primary one this pandemic to many of our kababayans as their means to go to work. Ride safe and stay healthy guys!”

Formerly used by only a small number of commuters, many more are turning to bicycles to get to work. Despite this morning's heavy rains, the EDSA boss noted a large number of cyclists undaunted by the unfavorable weather. Instead, the commuters have donned raincoats and rain suits to continue cycling.

Be kind and give space

Because many of these cyclists have little other means to get to work, even cycling through inclement weather, we'd like to remind our fellow commuters riding their motorcycles to give them space and courtesy. We have compiled a few simple tips to share the road and make things a little easier for them.

Respect the bicycle lane

Respect the bicycle lane. Though it's usually free and tempting, never-ever ride through the designated bicycle lanes found around Metro Manila. Not only is it dangerous especially for cyclists, the fines set for violating the bicycle lane can be as big as a day’s worth of work that may even be escalated to a revoked driver’s license.