MMDA sets guidelines on MC Lane implementation

Today is the start of MC Lane’s full implementation along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City. The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), in an earlier statement, said that if the new dedicated MC Lane is proven to be successful in improving the safety of motorcycle riders, it is possible that the agency will expand the program to other major roads in Metro Manila, including EDSA.

Those who will be caught violating the MC Lane ordinance will be slapped with a PHP 500.00 fine, for both motorcycle riders and private vehicle drivers, while Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) drivers will be meted with a higher PHP 1,200.00 fine. In fact, as of 12 noon today, March 23, 2023, the MMDA has reported that they have already ticketed 1,238 MC Lane violators, 482 of which are motorcycle riders.

To avoid the penalty, the MMDA has set some key guidelines for both 2-wheels and other motor vehicle drivers when traversing along the exclusive MC Lane.

100-meter rule

Dos and don'ts to avoid MC Lane violation image

For motorcycles and other types of vehicles who are entering or exiting from a side street/intersection, the MMDA has put a 100-meter rule – meaning you can only enter or exit within the transition lines 100 meters before the side street/intersection or after the sidestreet/intersection.

200-meter rule on establishments, U-turn slots

For motorcycles and other types of vehicles that are entering or exiting from commercial establishments along Commonwealth Avenue, the MMDA prescribes a 200-meter rule.

Dos and don'ts to avoid MC Lane violation image

For example, if you’re a motorcycle rider who’s coming from the MC Lane and wants to refuel at the Shell gasoline station just before Wilcon Depot, you are permitted to exit the exclusive MC Lane at least 200 meters before reaching Shell.

The same goes if you’re coming from an establishment and are entering the exclusive MC Lane again, or are going to use a U-turn slot along Commonwealth Avenue.

Stay on MC Lane

If you’re a motorcycle rider, it is best to just stay within the boundaries of the exclusive MC Lane. While the MC Lane has effectively shut down the single most important aspect of a motorcycle’s design which is its maneuverability, the new policy is aimed at reducing if not totally eradicating the accidents involving motorcycles along Commonwealth AVE by making it exclusive for motorcycles only.

Still, use your commonsense and better judgment if there are road hazards ahead while you’re traversing the exclusive MC Lane. If you’re ticketed for going out of the MC Lane to avoid a road hazard, do not argue with the apprehending officer and be courteous at all times. Get the ticket and go through the proper channel for contesting the apprehension. To know more about the MMDA’s online platform for contesting an apprehension, read our story here.

Dos and don'ts to avoid MC Lane violation image

The 1st lane from the sidewalk along Commonwealth Avenue is the exclusive bicycle lane; the 2nd lane from the sidewalk is the PUV lane while the 3rd lane from the sidewalk is the new exclusive MC Lane. All other lanes are for private vehicle use only.