Spyder presents their newest adventure riding helmet

Motorcycle helmets in general have become a fashion statement akin to clothing. For example, if your thing is vintage or retro motorcycles, you should have a matching retro-inspired helmet like BELL’s Custom 500 Steve McQueen tribute. For those who ride streetbikes, a helmet inspired by their favorite MotoGP rider would be a common choice.

Off-roading with style: Spyder Drift helmet image

For those who love to ride off-road or adventure bikes, some would choose a helmet that is worn by motocross (MX) riders. Unfortunately, these MX helmets would require a separate pair of goggles to protect the rider’s eyes. Also, during a slow and tiring enduro ride, these goggles tend to fog (due to the rider’s body heat and sweat) and the rider had no choice but to remove these goggles.

Off-roading with style: Spyder Drift helmet image

During an adventure ride, on the other hand, these helmets have low tolerance to strong highway winds, therefore straining the rider’s neck.

For the practical off-road and adventure rider, Spyder’s new Drift helmet is an excellent choice.

Multi-role helmet

Spyder’s new Drift helmet, by design, is made for adventure riding. This new Drift helmet features a tinted visor plus an inner visor that can be activated to protect the rider’s eyes from too much sunlight. Also, because of this inner visor, you no longer need to wear separate sunglasses.

Off-roading with style: Spyder Drift helmet image

Additionally, the Spyder Drift has some other practical features for that long adventure ride. At the top of the helmet, there's a mounting for an action cam that is already standard. No need to buy an aftermarket mount.

The designers from Spyder Helmets have also thought of new motorcycle intercom systems, like the Cardo Packtalk, and have incorporated slots for the inner speakers on the helmet. The result: it is much easier to install a Cardo System on the Spyder Drift than on other helmets.

Personally, I think these attributes also make the Spyder Drift helmet a good choice for enduro riding. Instead of stopping in the middle of the jungle to remove my foggy goggles, all I need to do when wearing the Spyder Drift is to pull up the visor and I’m good to go,  even when rolling.

Off-roading with style: Spyder Drift helmet image

It’s also easier to close the visor in places where we have to tread trails with a lot of overgrowths (grass or branches) and there's no need to remove both of my hands from the handlebar. The action cam mount also ensures that I capture all the action from our enduro escapades.

While the Spyder Drift's visor is tinted, I personally didn't find it difficult to use during nighttime riding, it's just like driving on a not-heavily tinted car.

It's been many years since I've worn an adventure/off-road riding helmet from Spyder. All I can say is that Spyder did an awesome job of making all the improvements when it comes to the design, weight and practicality of their helmet models, this Spyder Drift in particular. It's like heaven and earth vs the previous Spyder helmet that I've owned.


Off-roading with style: Spyder Drift helmet image

The Spyder Drift helmet comes in fiberglass and carbon fiber versions. The fiberglass retails at PHP 8,995 while the carbon fiber retails at PHP 12,500 only. For more information on Spyder Helmets, visit their official social media pages or at www.teamspyder.com.