There were stubborn Vikings too

For many Filipino motorcycle riders, the idea of wearing a helmet is more an annoyance than concern for safety. Some do it because it's the law, not because it's the smart thing to do. These are the same riders who will buy themselves the cheapest helmet they can find (usually for bicycle use), and not ideal for motorcycles, just to tick off the box.

Unfortunately, that's not good enough in the eyes of the law. If caught not wearing a standard motorcycle helmet, the penalty is PhP3,000 – which is more expensive than not wearing any helmet at all, which has a PhP1,500 fine. This rider-couple learned their lesson the hard way.

It seems that it’s not only Pinoy riders who are hard-headed when it comes to wearing helmets.

The above video was aired by the Danish Road Safety Council. It reminds people that even Vikings — regarded by historians as some of the fiercest warriors in history and ancestors of Danish people — also wore their helmets.

Helmets are bright idea

Set in Denmark sometime in AD 893 (presumably), Viking lord, Svend, who just mounted his horse, declares to his warriors that they will be sailing on their ships to England to conquer it.

Before he leaves, his son comes running from a distance, reminding his dad to wear his battle helmet. Svend scoffs at his son, while his right-hand man, Hjalmar, insists that Svend wear his helmet before they leave. Svend complains it makes his scalp itch and ruins his braids.

After a brief exchange with Hjalmar, Svend finally gives in after the most powerful Viking in the village gives him an ultimatum.

Just like riders

The ad, in a subtle way, pokes fun at motorcycle riders who always have a silly excuse for not wearing a helmet. You'll be surprised what finally convinces this fierce warrior to put on his helmet.

Most of us often forget how important these helmets are. They may seem frivolous and ruin the fun, but wearing them could be the difference between life and death.

Like in cycling or riding motorcycles, wearing a helmet isn't just the law, it's a good idea, since it protects the most critical part of a human body – the head. Wear your helmet. Vikings wore theirs, so should you.