Bike balancing wheels patented by VOGE

Adventure bikes have been the best-selling models from both Japanese and European motorcycle manufacturers in the past few years, thanks to their “go anywhere” capabilities.

Unfortunately, this “go anywhere” capability meant that these adventure bikes should have a high ground clearance, which then translates to a tall seat height. With a tall seat height, it would be challenging for riders with short inseams, or those with limited leg mobility, to reach the ground when the bike gets to a full stop.

Chinese brand, VOGE, has a solution: deployable balancing wheels.

Like trainer wheels for kids

Deployable motorcycle balancing wheels patented by VOGE image

Based on a new patent filed by VOGE, a wheel system similar to a child’s training wheels is attached to both left and right swingarm which can then be deployed and retracted by the rider.

The smaller wheels are connected to an arm made from an alloy material and its deployment and retraction are controlled by either electric or hydraulic ram.

The idea is simple: the rider with a short inseam can deploy the smaller wheels to keep the bike upright when the bike is rolling at on very very slow speed or at a complete stop. Once the bike starts to roll again, the wheels can be retracted by the rider back to its original position.

It was not explained though whether the system is automatically deployed or activated once the bike reaches a certain speed or it is solely a manual operation from the rider. Also, VOGE has yet to explain how the system would deploy on uneven surfaces and maintain the bike and its rider in an upright position.

Would you install this to your adventure bike should VOGE make this available as an aftermarket accessory?