New active suspension tech being developed by CFMOTO

Active suspension systems in motorcycles are common these days, especially in flagship models. These active suspension systems on motorcycles work by adjusting rebound and damping accordingly after the wheel has rolled over a particular inconsistency or as set by the rider on the fly. In other words, this is a reactive system.

What if a motorcycle’s onboard computer can scan ahead to adjust the suspension even before hitting that bump on the road? CFMOTO has a solution and it involves cameras.

CFMOTO developing camera-adjusted active suspension image

According to a recently published patent application from the Chinese brand, this advanced active suspension system that it is developing will use a front-facing camera to scan the road ahead and the image will be fed to an onboard computer.

The computer will then interpret the road surface and would make precise calculations to adjust the bike’s suspension accordingly – just milliseconds before hitting that road bump.

Back in the 80s, Nissan offered a semi-active suspension system that is adjusted by an ultrasonic sensor mounted under the car’s nose that scans the road ahead for bumps and dips.

CFMOTO is currently one of the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturers and is responsible for manufacturing components for several of KTM’s models, including the LC8 engine. CFMOTO also has technical partnerships with other big manufacturers, including Yamaha.