Touratech rides to the 'Batanes of the East'

Touratech rides to the 'Batanes of the East' image

Brando Rosales / Brando Rosales | April 11, 2018 09:31

2018 Touratech GS Camp held at Dingalan, Aurora

Continuing to foster the spirit of adventure, bike parts and accessory brand, Touratech Philippines, held yet another installment of the annual Touratech travel event dubbed as the GS Camp 2018.

Touratech rides to the 'Batanes of the East'

With a catalog parts and accessories that spans brands like BMW, Ducati, KTM, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, and Triumph, the adventure brand invited over 175 guests and participants to its GS Camp. Naturally, many attended with their big adventure and dirt bikes, and some even with their sport bikes to the beautiful town of Dingalan, the southernmost town of the Province of Aurora.

Touratech rides to the 'Batanes of the East'

Alvin Dee, head of Touratech Philippines, said in an interview that the annual travel event was aimed to promote camaraderie among fellow adventurers and elevate the rider’s skills in adventure riding – a perfect fit for many of Touratech’s popular accessories.

Dingalan, Aurora is often nicknamed as the “Batanes of the East.” The town is filled with breathtaking views, boulder beaches and untamed terrain — an appropriate destination for this year’s Touratech Travel Event.

Touratech rides to the 'Batanes of the East'

After a long ride from Manila and a sumptuous lunch at the beach, the participants were treated to a 20-kilometer off-road exercise through Dingalan’s sleepy barangays that’ll lead to the infamous Umiray Bridge.

Upon arriving back at the resort, BMW Certified Instructor, Toto Villanueva, treated the adventurers to a sumptuous merienda and stories of the GS Trophy qualifier experience – a taste of what lies ahead in the 2018 GS Trophy Mongolia for our first Filipino GS Trophy Qualifier Aris Cuevas.

The experience was not all about motorcycles but also about helping promote the local tourism in the town of Dingalan. While the others were busy riding their adventure bikes, the other participants, especially the women, went to some of the more popular tourist destinations in town.

There’s the Tanauan Falls, an ice-cold, 20 foot waterfall at the outskirts of Dingalan and the White Beach Lighthouse, a 3-story lighthouse situated at the top of a hill and is the perfect spot for what the locals call the “Batanes Viewpoint” – a spectacular view of the Dingalan landscape that resembles that of Batanes. At night, it was a celebration of the day’s activities with non-stop laughs and drinks.

Touratech rides to the 'Batanes of the East'

Faisal Sukree, an adventure rider and BMW Certified Instructor from Malaysia briefed the Filipino adventurers about his experiences travelling the world on his trusty 2010 model BMW F800 GS. At 201,907 kilometers on the odometer (from traveling the world), he says that his motorcycle never missed a beat all throughout his travels, thanks to his Touratech upgraded parts.

Touratech rides to the 'Batanes of the East'

The Touratech Travel Event is an annual multi-day motorcycle-riding experience and is celebrated all over the world by fellow adventure riders. For more information, visit or