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Tomorrow, Honda Philippines, Inc. is expected to launch the much-awaited Honda ADV 150 at Robinson's Metro East. The hype is real. Although our friends from Honda are not confirming nor denying that it is indeed the ADV 150, it is safe to assume that it is coming to Honda showrooms very, very soon.

We're also glad that one of our friends from the industry, Michael Bucu and his shop, Michaelmotoworkz in Caloocan, has given us the opportunity to sample the ADV 150 that was directly imported from Indonesia, courtesy of our friends form SEC Moto Supply. 

Honda ADV 150: First Impressions image

After posting our first photos from our short stint with the new ADV 150, a lot of our friends from both in the riding community and the media immediately contacted us to ask our first impressions about the new scooter. Here's what we found out:


The ADV 150 is powered by the same liquid-cooled, eSP (enhanced Smart Power) engine that propels the current PCX 150 and it also churns out 14.6 Ps of power and 13.6 Nm of torque. This unit is also equipped with Honda's Idling Stop System, which we will discuss later.

Honda ADV 150: First Impressions image

Note: The "see-through" air filter cover is an aftermarket accessory.


Obviously, the ADV 150's looks are inspired by its dual-sport bigger brother, the Honda X-ADV 750. This bike proved its mettle off-road by recently winning the Class 2 category (601-950cc) of the grueling 7,000-kilometer Gibraltar Rally 2019, beating crowd favorites like the KTM 790 Adventure R and the BMW F800 GS Adventure. The ADV 150's looks are strikingly radical and the overall shape leaning towards a more sporty feel that is complemented by a set of dual-sport tires.

Honda ADV 150: First Impressions image

Seat height is only 795mm, just a little bit higher than the Click 150i, but wider, necessitating the rider to spread his or her legs


The new ADV 150 features all-LED lighting, a fully digital meter panel, disc brakes in the front and rear (only the front has ABS), a fully-adjustable windscreen, and a GPS/ mobile phone charging socket. The scooter that we sampled was also equipped with Honda's Idling Stop System (ISS). The ISS works by shutting the engine off after 10 seconds of idling (for situations like traffic lights) and turns the engine back when you simply twist the throttle to accelerate. The ISS will help reduce carbon emissions and at the same time make the ADV 150 more fuel-efficient compared to other scooters with the same displacement but without ISS.

Honda ADV 150: First Impressions image 

The underseat box can only accommodate a half-face helmet and some other assortments 

First Impressions

The new ADV 150 feels a lot lighter compared to the PCX 150 that we featured here, especially when standing the scooter from its side stand. If we look at Astra Honda Motor Indonesia's spec sheet, the ADV 150 weighs a kilogram more than the PCX. Maybe it's just the way the new ADV 150 is designed, with better weight distribution compared to the PCX, or the broader tires. We also felt that the new ADV 150 accelerates faster than the PCX, although this is not backed by any actual timed trial or anything. Michael Bucu, who once owned a PCX, shared the same sentiment. 

Though the ADV 150 may look like it's ready for some dirt action or "ADV"- the initials associated with the word Adventure Riding, we find the ground clearance of 165mm (about the size of a Sony Xperia smartphone, upright) too low for off-roading. Most scooters available have a 130-135mm ground clearance and that's not too far from the new ADV 150. While the rear shocks are Showa, the front forks are just regular telescopic shocks. 

Unfortunately, there was no nearby off-road venue to test the suspension play during our short stint with the ADV 150,  so we can't really say much about how it handles off-road. Overall, we can safely say that the new ADV 150 is a scooter to have if you can afford it, or want a rather radically-styled twist-and-go steed. The "ADV" on this new scooter may just be a namesake, and the new ADV 150 is not really built for adventure riding.

Honda ADV 150: First Impressions image

Watch out for the official launch on September 21 with the Philippine spec and pricing.

*Disclaimer: The unit that we featured here is not an official demo unit from Honda Philippines, Inc. It is an Indonesian domestic model with aftermarket accessories. The actual model for the Philippine market may have different specs and equipment from this one.