Don't abuse 'Change Venue'

Last week, we reported that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) district offices will only accept inspection reports from Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVICs) within their areas of responsibility when renewing registration.

This is after the Department of Transportation (DOTr) released memorandum circular MC-SC-2021-02 which establishes the Geographical Area of Responsibility (GAOR) for the inspection of motor vehicles, including our trusty motorcycles.

In a nutshell, each LTO district office (DO) or extension office (EO) has a GAOR. If there is an operational PMVIC within that area, your vehicle’s roadworthiness inspection should only be done there.

If there’s no operational PMVIC within the LTO DO/ EO’s GAOR, then the good old fashioned emissions test result will be enough for that LTO DO/ EO... until a PMVIC is set up.


You can

However, there are those who either don't want to go through the PMVIC process or believe their vehicle will quickly fail inspection. While we believe any well-maintained motorcycle (even with aftermarket parts) can pass an inspection, some would rather skip it entirely.

Change Venue

Some riders think they can avoid the extensive PMVIC check by renewing registration at an LTO where there is no operational PMVIC yet. Through the “change venue” loophole, these motorists plan to register their motorcycle at a different LTO district office from their usual. LTO only charges a nominal fee for this transaction on top of registration fees. Specifically, they plan to register at an LTO office that does not have a PMVIC in its GAOR.

Unfortunately for these motorists, the LTO no longer allows change venue. This is something that I personally learned earlier when I tried to renew my scooter’s registration at the LTO DO near my home. According to this LTO DO, they are still accepting emissions test results until a working PMVIC is established within their GAOR.

Tinatanggap pa rin po namin hanggat wala pang operational na PMVIC sa amin (We are still accepting [emissions test results] until an operational PMVIC is established [within our GAOR].”

Proof of residence

There is one exception. This LTO DO added that registration renewals with change venue will no longer be accepted unless there’s a valid change of address on the vehicle owner’s part by attaching valid documents to prove such.

Pero di na po kami tumatanggap ng change venue galing sa LTO na may operational ng PMVIC (But we no longer accept change venue requests if the vehicle registration came from an LTO [DO or EO] with an operational PMVIC).”

Visual inspection only

You can

For those who are worried about their vehicle failing the tests, no need to worry. A previous memo from the DOTr, MC-SC-2021-01, is still in effect. This means that the visual and emissions test results will be the basis for registration renewal. Passing or failing marks for other factors like brakes, gauges, lights, aftermarket upgrades will not be used as a basis for vehicle registration.