Bandit9 builds 900cc Supermarine

The pandemic and the many restrictions to prevent the virus's spread has discouraged live staging of motorcycle shows like Moto Builds Pilipinas – an annual gathering of the country’s best custom bike builders and their masterpieces.

Yet that hasn't stopped bike builders from continuing to create masterpieces. In Vietnam, bike builder, Bandit9, has taken this opportunity to finish a masterpiece build that is inspired by the stingray or “pagi” in the local dialect. The stingray inspiration is pretty evident as the top half of the bike looks like one gliding through the water.

Called the Supermarine, Bandit9’s official social media page says it two years in the making and has required the combined talents of their aerospace, robotics, mechanical and chemical engineers, and automotive designers to create. It wasn't just building it that was challenging, figuring out a system to create it was also a challenge. After all, the Supermarine a one-off, it's a production bike.

“This is no art project; it’s a science project. It wasn’t built in a garage. It was developed in a lab,” said Bandit9.

“The Supermarine tests the limits of what a motorcycle can be without sacrificing function. Our team of aerospace, robotics, mechanical and chemical engineers, and automotive designers have developed something that looks good, feels good, and goes f*cking fast.”

Since they’ve developed a new system to efficiently recreate the Supermarine, orders can be completed sooner.

“Because of our next-gen system, the Supermarine can be completed in DAYS, not months. And it was made to be upgraded. Unhappy with aluminum? Let’s do titanium. Or go nuts: do it all in carbon fiber. You can. It all depends on how fast you want to go. And how far you want to take things,” added Bandit9.

The Supermarine is powered by the same potent 900cc engine of the Triumph Street Twin, which can be upgraded to a 1,200 twin that powers the Thruxton RS and the Scrambler 1200.

As for the frame, Bandit9 used 7075 aluminum. For those of us that are not familiar, the 7075 aluminum is the same alloy that is used in manufacturing missiles and other high-tech defense hardware.

As for the body, buyers have the freedom to choose aluminum, titanium, ABS plastic, or even go full carbon fiber. Other features include full-LED lighting, a custom LCD panel, and dual stainless exhaust which can be upgraded to a full titanium exhaust system. Those interested can contact Bandit9 here. Shipping, duties, and custom fees not included. Deliveries will begin in December of this year.