LTO releases guidelines on early renewal

You don’t have to spend your birthday at the LTO renewing your license on the day it expires. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has recently released guidelines on how to renew your license before it expires. LTO says license renewal can be done as early as 60 days before it is due to expire. It can be renewed even earlier (one year in advance) for those that can present proof that they will be abroad at the time of its expiry.

To do so, the LTO requires applicants to submit a duly accomplished Driver’s License Application Form, the current valid Professional or Non-Professional Driver’s License, and proof of an electronically-transmitted medical certificate from an authorized medical testing center. These requirements may be present at any LTO District Office or accredited Licensing Centers.

You can actually renew your license before it expires image

As for those that wish to renew their license less than a year in advance, the applicant must present an original plane ticket and a photocopy of it. Another document required is also a certified true copy of the employment contract as proof that the applicant will not be in the country on the date of renewal. This must be submitted with the requirements listed above (application form, valid license, and proof of medical certificate transmission) to any LTO District Office or accredited Licensing Centers.

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