Honesty is the best policy

“Matik na” (it is automatic) that every time there are apprehensions on the streets, traffic enforcers and erring motorists typically expect to start a negotiation over how much it will cost to avoid license confiscation for a traffic offense," said Manila “Yorme” Isko Moreno during his remarks on Monday's flag-raising ceremony,

This is not the case for three of Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau's (MTPB) enforcers who refused bribes while on duty.

“To stress that we do not tolerate those individuals that are still doing the bad things like the old ways...let it be known that if you do good things on your work, it will be noticed by the [city] government,” said Mayor Isko in Filipino.

Mayor Isko awarded MTPB's Eduardo Lambino, Kenneth Naval, and Edwin Trias full regularization for their honest work despite “lots of temptation” on the streets.

The three MTPB enforcers were tested a week ago when an erring traffic violator tried to bribe them with “just a few hundred pesos” so that they would ignore the traffic violation. They refused.

“These three have done a good thing despite the fact that I am not there, despite the fact that their superior is not there. They were tempted by some individuals who look down upon their uniform, for just a few hundred pesos. Despite the odds, these three proved that like you [city hall employees], we strive hard and work together for change,” added mayor Isko.

Mayor Isko Moreno promised change, saying that the wrongdoings will be prosecuted, and the right ones will be rewarded. As a parting word, he even joked “sana maging gremlins kayo” – meaning that the newly-elected mayor hopes they multiply for the greater good of the nation's capital.