Yamaha updates the T7 for 2024

The line between a bonafide enduro bike and an adventure bike continues to blur. For Yamaha, they further blurred it with the 2024 model Tenere 700 (T7) Extreme Edition.

Not for newbies

Yamaha Tenere 700 Extreme Edition announced image

According to Yamaha, the new T7 was built with hardcore enduro/off-road riders in mind. For starters, the 2024 model year T7 Extreme edition’s suspension travel is 20mm longer than the 2023 model year, giving the new T7 an extra edge when tackling off-road sections that are usually the territory of lighter enduro bikes.

Also, the 2024 T7 is factory-equipped with lightweight titanium footrests, as well as an aluminum radiator protector and chain guide. It also boasts a two-piece front fender assembly that consists of a color-matched enduro-style fender and a separate lower section to protect from dirt and debris – while a flatter one-piece rally seat enables quick and easy bodyweight shifting.

Yamaha Tenere 700 Extreme Edition announced image

A 5-inch digital panel features 3 themes, including a rally raid roadbook-style display for effective navigation similar to Dakar races. Other features include lightweight competition-type titanium footrests with 35% greater surface area for reduced pressure on boot soles and to handle the most inhospitable surfaces the bike’s ground clearance is increased to 260mm.

CP2 engine

Yamaha Tenere 700 Extreme Edition announced image

Since its launch in 2019, the T7 has become one of Yamaha’s best-selling models. For 2024, the T7 retains its proven 690cc, high torque, Crossplain two-cylinder (CP2) engine and is equipped with a versatile chassis with fully adjustable KYB suspension.


While there is no formal word from Yamaha Motor Philippines as of this writing, Yamaha’s website says that the Tenere 700 Extreme will be available in Europe for the 2024 model release. Currently, the Philippine price for the 2023 T7 is at PHP 679,000.